Centaur Male Enhancement Review

Centaur Male Enhancement ReviewLittle known fact about centaurs; They’re hung like horses. That’s the idea behind Centaur Male Enhancement. They want their users to be beastly in the bedroom. But do they hit their lofty goals? In our review today, we’ll be talking about this mystical male enhancement supplement, including a close inspection on ingredients, side effects, reviews, price and the trial program. But with all the hype surrounding Centaur Male Enhancement pills, we’re more interested in a supplement more grounded in reality. Want to see the best pill we’ve found? Click the link below the next paragraph to see if you qualify for an online discount. Click the banner below to get started now!

Before we get to the rest of the review, we want you to answer a question for us; why are you here? For most of our readers, it’s because they’re experiencing trouble in the bedroom. Even then, trouble might be too strong of a word. There’s something missing from your performance and it’s starting to affect your confidence in and out of the bedroom. That’s a major problem. But can a pill actually fix it? For some, even the act of doing something about their problem makes the problem go away. We’re not sure if Centaur Male Enhancement pills will be the solution for you, but they certainly prove to be an attractive option.

Centaur Male Enhancement Trial

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Centaur Male Enhancement Review | Initial Thoughts

One of the things we always love to see when we look at male enhancement supplements is…an ingredient list! You have no idea how many supplements we see that don’t include an ingredient list. So when we see one, and it’s a good list of ingredients, then we’re very happy. But beyond the ingredient list? Not much to write home about. Let’s jump into our section on ingredients, then we’ll talk about side effects.

Centaur Male Enhancement Ingredient List

Looking for the Centaur Male Enhancement Ingredient List? We’ve got you covered. While it is a proprietary formula (meaning we don’t get to see the amounts of each ingredient, only that they exist within the formula) we do see a few good signs.

  • TestoBoron™
  • Muira Puma Bark Powder
  • Fenugreek Seed Powder
  • Eurycoma Longifolia Extract (aka Long Jack)
  • Black Pepper Extract

TestoBoron (as noted by the TM) is a trademarked, proprietary form of Boron. We weren’t able to see much info on the ingredient, but we do know that it’s included in a number of popular products.

The other ingredient of note for us (they’re all worth talking about) is Black Pepper Extract. We typically see it used in turmeric supplements as a way to increase bioavailability of the main ingredient. We imagine that it’s performing the same function for Centaur Male Enhancement Support.

Centaur Pill Side Effects

Herbal male enhancement supplements can get a bad rap for having a lot of unknown ingredients and, consequently, dangerous side effects.

Prescription erectile dysfunction medication isn’t much better. With side effects that can get potentially deadly on both sides of the spectrum, it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before starting use. After all, you’re trying a new pill to make a positive impact, not create a new problem.

While we don’t know the full side effects that Centaur Male enhancement will have, we do know that these kinds of pills can have interactions with blood pressure or heart medications, so be sure to avoid use if you’re taking any kind of medication—at least until you get the ok from your doctor.

Centaur Male Enhancement Price

What’s the best price for Centaur Male Enhancement pills? In our research, we only found Centaur pills available in one place—online. Further, there was only one way to buy the pill. The Centaur Trial program (which we’ll talk about more in the next section) can get you a bottle at $90.76.

We haven’t seen any evidence of a discount or coupons for Centaur Male Enhancement.

Centaur Pills Trial Info

The trial for Centaur Male Enhancement pills, as we mentioned above, is the only way to get a bottle of this supplement. The trial starts when you order a bottle, and ends when you cancel it. If you decide not to cancel within the trial period (16 days from day of ordering) then you’re automatically subscribed to a monthly autoship program. Every thirty days (how long it takes to go through a bottle if you’re using daily) they’ll send you a new bottle and bill you for it.

Centaur Male Enhancement Review | Final Thoughts

In our brief look at Centaur Male Enhancement, we saw some things we really liked. The ingredient list was robust, and offered some industry-favorite ingredients. If true to their marketing claims, then this supplement will be a great benefit to a great amount of people.

The only thing we don’t like about the product is that the trial program is the only way to get a bottle. If they were to offer a less restricted way to get a bottle (and maybe a cheaper price tag) we would jump on the opportunity to grab a bottle or two.

We won’t say that you should or shouldn’t get a bottle, but you should know that we think there are better options out there. Be sure to check out our favorite male enhancement product and give it a comparison before you order. You can do that now by clicking any image on this page!

Thanks for reading our review, and be sure to give us a like or share if you found this review helpful!

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